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My cartilage piercing is getting infected. I’ve had it almost 20 years ?

The last few days, my cartilage piercing seems to be getting infected. This is not a new piercing either. I got it done almost 20 years ago and I’ve had my earlobes pierced even longer. This piercing has never been infected before. The area is irritated and feels warm. There’s been a cruddy discharge stuck to the earring back, and I think it’s a combo of blood and pus. It’s only a small amount, but it’s there. I’ve tried cleaning the area and the earring with rubbing alcohol, but it’s still infected. I only cleaned it a couple times though. The other times I just used water. 

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    I'd try putting polysporin on the infected area, both sides of the piercing, for about a week. If that doesn't work, try doing that again but with the piercing out. Otherwise, you may want to talk to whoever did the piercing for you and they could probably recommend something for you. 

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