Has anyone ever taken a break from social media? How was it, what were the positives and negatives?

Hey! I am making this post as a form of interviewing people for my project due to the pandemic. I would really appreciate it if I could get a few responses :)

Feel free to discuss why or why not you believe that social media positively and/or negatively affects the way you may view yourself.


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    2 months ago
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    I completely cut off all social media about five years ago and it's the best thing I've ever done. That means no Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, none of it. Yahoo Answers is the one of two places I go, the other being Youtube. With YA, all I do is try to find (and by find I mean wade through all the garbage) any legitimate questions, and answer them to the best of my ability if an effort to actually help people who need it. With Youtube, I just watch videos and do my best to never comment anything unless it's something positive or, again, helpful.

    Social media has had a very negative effect on humans, in my opinion. It's a place where people have come to believe they can say and do whatever they want with little to no consequence from the safety of behind a screen. Ninety nine percent of it is negativity. On paper, it sounds like a good idea and I get what they were going for, connecting people from all over the world and having them discuss things, but it's just become another way for people to fight and argue and has turned a good portion of people into egotistical maniacs. So many are less worried about their future and more worried about whether or not a couple of weirdos on the internet think they're pretty. They go looking for the gratification of acceptance of their insecurities from strangers online and prefer that over interacting with people face to face or actually facing their problems, accepting who they are, or trying to solve the issue. If you think about it, Likes and Hearts and Retweets and all that have essentially become the new currency. People need and crave that sort of stuff now just to feel good about themselves. It's the newest form of addiction.

    Look at how many kids want to become the next online sensation, the next internet influencer, the next big streamer; how many of them want the internet to be their job. Very few want to do real, dirty, physical jobs any more, and then act all surprised when they don't make it and reality sets in. Face to face interactions are lower, with the exception of when needed. Phone calls are lower, as people prefer to communicate through texting. Since the introduction of social media, mind you there are also way more factors involved as well, depression is way up, suicide rates are way up, and bullying has found a way to reach more people. Not to mention, the majority of what you post is just there forever. Like, permeant, for all to see to see and find at any time. Look at all the crap people posted years ago, when times were different and less sensitive, that are now 'coming to light' and completely ruining lives and careers. While I'm thankful that many actual bad people have been exposed this way, it's also hurt a lot of decent people because a simple piece of gossip snowballed out of control.

    For me, personally, I don't need to reassurance of others. This is something I've taught myself and had to learn on my own and, I'll tell you, it's wasn't easy. I'm all for discussing things with people, but when the majority just want to fight and argue with you and give their opinion with such closed mindedness to the point where they aren't even willing to accept that they may be wrong or misinformed and/or someone could actually change their mind, I just think it's neither beneficial nor healthy. I'm much happier without it. I've got my own issues and everything, but learn to deal with them myself and with the proper help has made me a much better and more resilient person.

    Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm well aware it's not going to be the same answer for everyone. Especially the ones who've grown up with this stuff. Their view on it will almost certainly be different. This is just my opinion on my experience and how I see it's affected people.

    Anyway, good luck with your project. I wish you the best of luck.

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