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Isn't it bad 4 business to not price match when Store A has the same product, brand, size as Store B yet everyday price is a 30% difference?

Neither has a large inventory - at the store where it's cheaper I saw 4 bottles and where 

it's more expensive they had 2. What could possibly explain or justify such a difference?


Neither store has put this specific brand on sale for awhile, if ever. Additionally the store where it's cheaper, it's at an even lower price if you're part of their club.

Update 2:

Stores are less than 2 miles apart and there's more parking at the one where it's cheaper.

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    difference ... convenience and time usuage/constraints (some people do not like going to 2 stores) and the price of gasoline to and from each store.

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     Your assumption is that every store is marketing to the same customers, and that is a false assumption.

    Where I live one store uses 'everyday low price' as a come-on. It's a sale price, although it may last for four weeks. They just don't call it a sale. 

    Discounting everything to match every competitor is certainly an efficient way to go bankrupt. A race to the bottom is a poor way to do business. Stores are allowed 'loss leaders' to draw people in, I suppose that counts for some of the low prices.

    I don't go around chasing sales. I shop where it's convenient to stop on my way home from work. I don't have a ton of money, either, but driving to different stores to get different products can cost more in fuel to travel than the savings would be. Pleasant shopping conditions and knowledgeable, competent staff are worth more than the few pennies saved by loss leaders. 

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    Convenience.  The store might be in a different location or be open different hours.

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    It really depends on what model the store uses to price goods. There are those who use the every day low price model and others who set a high list price and has sales every now and then.

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