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My Dad is all for social isolation from family due to Covid-19 and yet he goes around the beach seeing friends and no mask at his work......?

So my question is how do I respectfully point this out when he tells me to stay away from family this Christmas due to the pandemic? This hurts me a lot, the hypocrisy and it did all last summer. When he is alone with me he is relaxed and agrees there is too much hype. When he is with my mother who believes the end is here then he acts like the end is here and only a few of us will survive and then goes and sees his beach friends with my Mom. Their best friend at the beach named Phyllis (with-holding last name) is very nice but has terrible social boundaries including terrible social distancing boundaries. 

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    Unfortunately people apply things as they see fit especially with this Pandemic unless they are personally affected. As far as it depends on you try to be peaceable as hard as it may be when your dad is socializing on his terms. Basically the danger is more in large gatherings where distancing might be a problem. Each person is accountable for their own actions and decisions. Just be respectful and try to ask your dad what’s the difference in going to the beach with his friends which he will probably say it’s only a few and they are practicing distancing so no mask is needed. But at least you would if addressed it. Safety first try to keep a calm heart and pray this Pandemic over sooner than later. 

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