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How do I get over my envy of families that still live life despite the pandemic going on?

My parents will not let us see anyone except those we see in the classroom and in our own home. No friends, no extended family, no outings except walks on our street. It has been this way since March and my mother indicates next summer at the earliest before we can return to civilization and says she is not sure we can then either. I feel it will be 2022 before I can see another soul. 

I feel hopeless like this will never end. I have envy, bitter envy, for people who can get together. My cousin Michael for example was with our grandparents since it is just him and his Dad where he lives. We have not been allowed near our grandparents since March. On zoom there he was with them and his Dad. Him and his Dad were headed from their to see our aunt and her family outdoors for a little bit Saturday. They plan to do the same for Christmas. We will be quarantined in our house as we have everyday since March unless in the classroom. My mother says "count your blessings" but there feel like there are no blessings. She says "think of all your cousin Michael has been through" and I agree but am still passionately envy (his mother and sister died in 2009 in a car crash when he was 9 and he has PTSD-anxiety and learning disabilities).

I feel hopeless like this will never end. I don't want to kill myself but the thought it there. I am not in danger but just have the thought. I see no purpose as I feel I will be forever quarantined. I hate the Chinese because of the theory they caused it. 


I hate that my mother is being so careful when we need to live life and just use masks and not stand to close to people. Social distancing for her is social isolation. My Dad has no balls so he does whatever she says. When there is a vaccine she says "remember we still have to be careful" so I know that means another summer of quarantine for 2 and a half months. I think by 2022 we will be able to live again but that is too long. I want to die but I don't want to kill myself. Please advise. 

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Anonymous: I think you’re the one spamming with your insults, I suspect you’re LAN. Every one of your answers will now be reported.  

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    We have been the same in the U.k but are still alive. In fact most  of the world has been following the rules.

    Not only you are fed up of it.

  • Anonymous
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    All you ever do is spam variations of the same idiocy over and over.   So why should anyone bother with you when you are too stupid to do anything other than constantly spam the same crap over and over you cowardly block monkey?

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    Obviously, you don't. You've been spamming this again and again for months now. Doesn't matter what we say,... you're still going to obsess about it.

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    Focus on those words "still live." The vaccine is expected to be in distribution in the spring, 

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