Septo/rhinoplasty operation on nose already gone through trauma?

I’ve had about 4 corrective surgeries on my nose to improve breathing issues in my left nostril and rhinoplasty to improve the cosmetic side which has had a bearing on my mental health, this was done on NHS, they agreed to do the cosmetic side as I was suffering and having septoplasty anyway. Fast forward 2 years later which an op to put a silicone button in my septum as it’s now perforated by 2cm. The button is so painful and causing me no end of issues, I constantly have huge crustations in my nose and without clearing them I struggle to breath through my nose, my breathing is so noisy because it’s restricted and sometimes I have to eat with my mouth open because I’m not able to breath properly, on top of this I hate the way my nose is looking now with one side a tiny bit sunk, I also hate the profile. I had an NHS consultation today regarding the button and the surgeon pretty much told me I will always have a perforation in my nose and unlikely they can correct it, he also shot me down about having another operation for the cosmetic side, now I can deal with the silicone button if I have to but to be told having another operation on my nose (which has had a lot of trauma) doesn’t seem possible has shot me down today. I asked him if I could go private (as I know I can’t get any funding for the cosmetic side of it) and he said i would essentially get the same answer as what he told me. Do you think I should get a second opinion from a private consultation?

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    2 months ago

    Definitely get a 2nd opinion.

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