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Food Addiction?

I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I lost 50 pounds but can't lose anymore, I'm stuck just under 300 pounds. I keep low carb dieting for a few days and then overeating.

I bought 7 things from taco bell and ate them all in one sitting and it was like ecstasy. The nacho cheese and spicy sauce and meat was like the best thing I ever ate.

My heart is racing, it's harder to breathe and I'm stuffed. I usually do that once a week.

Is that binge disorder? Food addiction?

Eating is one of the few things that makes me happy.

When I go low carb or keto, I feel angry and depressed.

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    It is more of a psychological thing than an actual food addiction. Yes, your body can absolutely be addicted to sugar, but you are bingeing and self-sabotaging because you are use food for emotional gratification and or you are allowing being obese to be the excuse for other things.  The problem is that when hunger isn't the actual problem, no amount of food is going to fill the need or fix the problem.

    I'd suggest you read some books and or listen to some podcast about emotional eating, binge eating, and self-sabotage. This may help you see why you do what you do. You may need professional help to dig into what is really going on and why you are hiding inside a 300 pound body.

    Another thing is that you may not be a great candidate for keto.  Keto is really very healthy, but if you see it as a punishment, it isn't the best eating plan for you.  You might do better with a paleo plan.  You also need to learn how to cook for yourself so that you can make healthy taco or Mexican food options.  That way you don't need to go by Taco Bell and give into your self-destructive patterns.  

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    It is called having no self-control. If you want to lose weight, stop putting the wrong foods in your mouth, start putting the right foods in your mouth and get off your @$$ and get into physical activity. Learn the word 'NO', as in "No, I can't go binge at Taco Bell". 

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