What other information besides IP address is transmitted when you send or fill out a form online?

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    2 months ago

    It depends on the form, the skill level of the person who created the form and other requirements... and the data you provided in the completed form.

    Other information in the packet headers may include - and are not limited to:

    1) MAC (media access control) address.

    2) IP address of the router connecting the LAN to the internet.

    3) IP address of the router at the ISP receiving the data from your computer.

    4) IP address of your ISP's router connecting to the internet.

    5) Type of device you are using. This may include the Operating System and version, whether computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

    6) Device location information.

    7) Whether the device is connected via wired Ethernet, WiFi or cell service data wide area network.

    8) If an online form, the browser being used - and version.

    If it is a "secure" form, there may be some hashing algorithm information to be sure the data was not changed between the time it left your computer until it was received.

    There's more, but the above is most common.

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    Mac address of the device.

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