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did gymnastics stunt my growth?

My parents are both around 5'9"and I've been told I take after my mom more. In fact, people say we're twins.  

I'm pretty sure I'm done growing, and I'm 5'7". I really love my height and am fine not being taller (I'm a girl). I'm actually mainly asking for my sister, who still does gymnastics. (I quit when I reached high school). She's training intensely and she's 13 but really short for her age. She hasn't gone through puberty and hit her growth spurt, but I don't really think she'll get much taller. Our doctor predicted 5'4." She takes after my dad a lot, I don't know if that means anything... 

Does gymnastics actually stunt your growth? I'm starting to wonder if it does.

I have have 3 other siblings, including a sister who is 5'9 or 5'10

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    highly unlikely.. in the contrary, doctors often recommend high-impact sports for girls at that age because that's the prime time when bone-development in women is at its peak.. the more sports you do at young age, the less risk you'd get bone issues in the future when you are 60, 70 or more years old.. issues like Osteoporosis, pathological fractures and general unspecified bone/joint pain..

    the only 2 scenarios of which Gymnastics had made you shorter than you should: first, if you have suffered a fracture (broken bone) or a significant injury over your spine (back bones) from a fall or an accident; and it is often presented with severe pain and agony for weeks and for years.. and second, if you have a bone disease, for example Scoliosis - a condition that the spine is soft, malleable and not rigid enough to maintain an upright structure: imagine building a tower made of soft clay (or Play Doh), the tower would slowly be collapsing on itself and become shorter.. but again, in Scoliosis breathing issues, pain and visible deformities would be very noticeable.. have one of your sisters look at your back while standing straight with both hands on the hips; if your back is not in a straight line leaning to one side (left or right), then you could have scoliosis that made you shorter with gymnastics..`


    i do not believe that this is the case.. `


    a person's height is often predetermined by the height of their parents.. and if one parent is tall while the other parent is short, the height would be determined by the average height of parents and extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc..)..

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    no it does not......................

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    Why would gymnastics stunt growth? I don't get it... I know most (all?) olympic gymnastics are very petit and girlish, but I think that has more to do with small, tiny girls going into gymnastics as a result of their small frames. Same way tall, lanky one's go for b-ball or volleyball.

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