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9. Empathic Confrontation involves these major steps:

a. Greet the client, make small talk, confront the client’s issue.b. Share confidentiality, compliment the client’s clothing, confront the client’s issue.c. Build rapport, identify conflicts, confront the client’s faulty thinking.d. Listen, summarize and clarify conflicts, evaluate effectiveness.e. Identify conflicts, point out conflicts, evaluate conflicts.

10. When clients express oppressive racist, sexist, or other discriminatory comments:

a. The counselor/interviewer must act as a social justice advocate and inform the client that they will not stand for such comments.

b. The counselor/interviewer may find that providing information or psychoeducation helpful.

c. The counselor/interviewer reports the client to the Counseling Discrimination Bureau (CDB).

d. The counselor/interviewer should agree with the clients comments.

e. The counselor/interviewer records this in their progress notes along with a diagnosis of “bigot”.

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  • 3 months ago

    9) D 

    10) B                              

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