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Why is it so difficult to find a place to test for ADHD?

I'm 24 years old in California and have always had great trouble with attention, emotional control, and anxiety. It's been tough but I'm in college working towards my goals. But lately, the last year or so, my anxiety, attention, and everything else has been getting worse and worse. I'm failing in one of my major courses right now because of it. After talking to my doc he said to get tested of ADHD. It runs on both sides of my family too. And he gave me a suggestion of a local place to get tested. Well.... the place he suggested does not test but helps with those who are already diagnosed with it and I have had an awful time finding someone who does test for ADHD. I rarely find them and they seem to be literally days away. I'm starting to panic over it... Any suggestions? Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I thought shrinks did them?

    I have never been formally tested I don't think but I am 100% sure I have had it since I was a kid.  I may have been on meds for a very short time when I was very young but it caused sleep problems and bad dreams so I stopped.

    The meds are controlled so you need a shrink to prescribe them at least initially.

  • 2 months ago

    try psychiatrists....assuming you have insurance, pick the nearest one and start calling....your doc is an idiot, they should know who to refer you to.

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