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My dad is a floors man in the Union,he wears a mask at all times but today he found out one of the guys he was with 6 days ago has the virus?

Is my dad at risk or is there’s a good chance he doesn’t have it if he had the mask on 

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    It depends on the type of mask he was wearing, if he really never took it off, how close he was to the other person, if the other person coughed or sneezed with your dad around.

    Your dad should start using a KN95 which will greatly reduce his chance of acquiring covid. 

    If your dad hasn't been with this guy for 6 days and has not developed symptoms, it's a very good chance that he was not infected.  Most people show symptoms by the 5th day.

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    Over 70% of cases are with those who swore, they wear their masks faithfully.  Masks protect others from our stank by catching it before, it has a chance to go airborne. The virus, as well as many other things can certainty make their way through these masks. That is a known.  That does not mean they do not offer some protection, they do, and one is better off wearing a mask then not wearing them.

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    He has no chance to catch the virus as he was wearing mask

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