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Is there a possible pregnancy coming?

Hello, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Saturday, 7 days before my period. I’m a bit paranoid because he ejaculated in me. I’ve been on birth control (pill) for 17 days, I didn’t get the morning after pill. Now, is there a possibility of me getting pregnant? 

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    What's a possible pregnancy? 

  • R R
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    2 months ago

    According to some math I say the chance is 20-80, 20 percent yes, 80 percent no.  In other words out of every 5 accidents one of them is probably the one.  Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you are taking your pill as directed - your chances are VERY LOW.

    You DID NOT have "unprotected" sex because BIRTH CONTROL pills ARE protection.  (what do you think "birth control" means?)

    Plan B is NOT needed and would be a MASSIVE overdose of what you are already taking.

    Read the information that comes with your pills so that you understand how they work.

    Also - your "period" should happen when you are on the placebo week of pills - so forget anything that your period app might be telling you.  The birth control pills are controlling your period now - NOT your natural hormones.  For most women, the "period" - which is actually a "withdrawal bleed" - should start on about the third day of the placebo week of pills.  You WILL NOT have a "fertility window" and you WILL NOT have an "ovulation day" because birth control STOPS ovulation.  So - you can completely ignore your app.  If birth control pills do fail and if ovulation does happen - it would be RANDOM based on when and why the pill failed and would NOT follow any particular pattern compared to when your "period" happens.

    Your chances of pregnancy are less than 1%.

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    Relax.  If you're on the pill, you didn't have unprotected sex.  You had sex with the protection of a powerful hormonal birth control agent that prevents you from ovulating.  After 17 days, you are will protected if you take your pills as directed.

    Yes, there is always a tiny chance of conception, but it is unlikely that even if you were NOT on birth control, there wouldn't have been a viable egg available that late in your cycle.  You should NEVER take Plan B/morning after pill if you are already taking hormonal birth control.

    If you don't understand how the pill works, please do some research or contact the doctor who prescribed them to you.  Also, feel free to have your boyfriend use a condom.  The pill doesn't protect against sexually transmitted diseases.  

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  • MissA
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    2 months ago

    There's always a possibility, but because you are using birth control it is very small.

  • 2 months ago

    There is always a possibility of getting pregnant after sex even on birth control even when using condoms. The only way to 100% prevent pregnancy would be not to have sex at all. 

    ANYWHO...I doubt that you will 7 days before your period and being on birth control so don't worry about it just take a test if your period doesn't show. 

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