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Protecting myself working at Covid hotel. ??

I have applied as a security guard at a hotel which is known as the covid hotel.  Base pay $19.00 first 8 hours then $28.50 next 4 hours which is 12 hour shifts 5 days a week.  I am thinking soap, hand sanitizer, 500 pack of disposable mask, face shield, 500 pack of gloves.  Any other suggestions I would appreciate.  Thank you.

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    Yes. Make sure you get N95 or KN95 masks because most masks protect other people from you but don't do a great job of protecting you from others.  Since these masks are not cheap, I let them set out in sunlight for a couple of days before I use them again.  Rotate wearing five of them or so. 

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    You are better off getting a package of 10 KN95 masks that are on the FDA approved list.  These will block 95%+ of small & large particles.  Most of the KN95 masks sold on Amazon are approved.

    They can be used up to about 20 times each if they are cleaned.  To do this put in a paperbag and let sit for 5 days.  That's all you need to do to decontaminate them.

    Maintaining distance of 1 meter (3.2ft) reduces your risk of infection 82%.  Keeping 6 ft away you are outside the regular breaking zone which means unless someone coughs, sneezes, etc you can't get covid from them.

    -- so maintain distance as much as possible.

    If you want to further up the game, you can use 2 masks or KN95 mask and face shield.

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    Sounds good, but your employers have to make sure you are safe.

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