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Do you think i am obligated to help and keep my uncle company?

I went to a family gathering at my uncle’s place to see my grandmother who was not keeping well and was in the hospital. My uncle has to spend the whole night in the hospital waiting room. I was to help him take care of my grandmother. I was told to get food from home and give it to my uncle so that he can feed my grandmother one night. I went to hospital and gave my uncle the bag of food and noticed my uncle trying to stop me from leaving. I knew that he was planning on stopping me and telling keep him in company in the waiting room which i didnt want to as the waiting room was crowded and uncomfortable, due to which i weaseled out of there which visibly irked my uncle, resulting in him shouting at me(in my parents absence) the next day as though i owe him something and kept looking for opportunities to shout at me repeatedly for the next two days. My uncle thinks that i am lazy, useless and no good. He used urge me constantly to join him to the hospital and i always refused to, which used agitate him. My uncle thinks that i am responsible for my grandmom's well being and it is my duty to take care of her. My uncle doesn’t like me being comfortable and always wants to put me in uncomfortable environments like the hospital room for instance. He thinks of me as a leech. I am not a leech to him because i am not financially dependent on him. He is not my guardian. He thinks that he is an extension of my parents and i leech off them, and also him by extension. 


He tasks me with the presupposition that i am lazy and wants to get something useful from a leech. I dont help because i think i am obligated to. I just help to be nice and i am doing my best. I dont think i owe him anything though. I can choose to not help and that would be totally fine. He doesn’t get to shout at me. He thinks that is my duty and i am obligated to help, and being shouted at and being punished is warranted if i default.

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    not obligated but it wouldnt hurt to help him

  • T J
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    Stay far away from him. He is a Uncle, not your parent.  What does your parents say about this. Let another of your grandmothers children do it, it is not your responsibility. Do not take any garbage from him.

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    "He thinks that he is an extension of my parents and i leech off them, and also him by extension"

    Maybe he knows something you don't.  He might be lending your parents money because they can't afford the bills or to keep feeding you.  How old are you? 

    I must say you do sound a little self-involved, why can't you sit with your uncle?  He's at the hospital all day, why can't you spare a few hours?  Is it because you are needed at work?  Are you employed?

    Are your parents (or at least the one who is related to your uncle) relieving him and taking turns to sit in the hospital or is it only your uncle who is expected to do so?

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