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Is it possible to safely introduce a husky puppy to a house rabbit?

Myself and my partner are looking at introducing a husky puppy into our home however we already have a house bunny (photo attached just because he's cute). We have done some research about bonding and it seems okay in theory but wondered if anyone had any experience in doing so.

We are just a bit wary about the safety of the rabbit and also if the puppy wouldn't be happy either.  The rabbit is 2 and has no front teeth (due to a dental condition he was born with they had to be removed) 

Are we safe to try and bond them? 


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    There are some dogs and rabbits that can be friends but huskies are such high prey drive dogs. I would never let them be together. If you want to introduce them the dog should be on a leash and the rabbit should be on the other side of a playpen or baby gate. Maybe it would be a good idea to get the dog used to seeing the rabbit so its not as exciting. I really don't know anything about dog training though so I don't know if that would even help or if it will be just as exciting the 1000th time the dog sees him. 

    Seeing that you don't have the dog yet I would recommend you get a lower prey drive breed. One of the huskies I watch has killed squirrels and (wild) rabbits and they work FAST. I cannot stop her once she gets one and its dead in seconds. I now go in the yard first to scare anything off before I let her out. Anyway, just get a lower prey drive dog unless you are absolutely certain you can keep a husky away from a rabbit at all times. 

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    I agree with both Nameless and *****.  While I have gotten my large breed dogs to get along with my rabbits (Newfoundland, Labradoodle, Newf mix), I do not think it would be possible with a husky. Some dogs can get along fine with some rabbits. However Huskies do indeed have a very high prey drive and it would be a recipe for disaster. 

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    That would be pretty much the WORST breed of dog imaginable to attempt to own with a rabbit.  Huskies have a ridiculously high level of prey drive and are not considered safe with small animals. Even cats are pretty questionable to have with a husky- a prey animal like a rabbit would be even worse. Puppies, in general, are not recommended to have any contact with rabbits, either. They have needle-sharp teeth and are rambunctious and not obedience trained. Only takes one attempt to "play" with the rabbit for the rabbit to end up dead. You getting a husky is unlikely to end well for the rabbit, even if you keep them separately. Eventually, there will be an accident and the dog will gain access to the rabbit. 

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