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Tips for properly caring for a neglected puppy?

I have a 5 month Shih Tzu that was given to me by my dad’s co-worker. The guy gave it to me for free, but explained that it comes with a few strings attached.

•The puppy has never had a schedule (By this, I definitely take it that the poor pup probably wasn’t feed on a regular basis).  

•The puppy doesn’t bark or whine to get out of the crate, he’ll just go in his crate and lay in it.

•He doesn’t play with any toys, just stares at them.

•Does nothing but sleeps all day.

-Now I’m no idiot, I know some of these that I listed aren’t exactly “strings”, but I just wanted to state the things this “fool” said.   

Update: He’s been to the vet, the vet says he’s fine, and just start feeding him food when he wants it.

-The only thing that concerns me is him not whining or barking to get out the crate, and why he doesn’t respond to humans the way most pups do? Also, why he doesn’t like toys?

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    Get the pup on a feeding  schedule, not and never free with a pup of that age that would normally be two to three regular meals a day..... so that pup knows it is meal time, and each mealtime you can practice recalls in a safe/secure environment.... so it is crate trained which is good, so make sure it is its den with water and maybe a raw meaty bone in it so it learns it can chew  positive items....great it doesn't bark or whine  but you know why, because in the past the barks/whines have never got it what it wants.... still that is not an issue, you really don't need to be or want a demanding dog.

    Some dogs are not interested in toys so don't worry, you could purchase a 'treat ball' and put some of its food in it, that will encourage it to play and get rewarded by food for doing so.

    Get it out walking several times a day, so it has the exercise, training and more importantly the socialisation it really needs

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    Don't let him into the crate until it is bedtime or you are out. He's young he can come around.

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    It may take a few weeks for this dog to realize he isn't going to be abused.  Some traumas are rather deep & it takes a while.  I think that in time this dog will come around if given enough time.  Just be patient.

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