Has anyone bought airpods 2 that didn't light up or couldn't pair up before charging the first time use?

Lol I am a bit of a worry freak so when I wanted to Youtube search on how to use videos, I came across suggestions like there can be fake ones out there.  When I would see tutorials on how to set up, Youtubers would show their first times use and right away without having to charge it, they're able to pair it up.  A lot of tutorials are like this.  I had wondered and questioned on mine since mine wasn't able to turn on.  I then charged it and it worked lol...somehow I thought, what if then I bought a used one, for the full price on an unopened, unused one.  Is it possible that can happen or is it common?  Has anyone also bought a new one and have it with no charge at all, having to charge it before use, or is it only me?


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