Why do so many Muslims hate ALL Jews even though Quran calls them chosen people who must follow Torah?


Jews are monotheists, not polytheists/aka mushrikun..

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    2 months ago
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    the Koran also teaches this

    Islamic LAWChapter VIIIRelations with non muslims [Suria 5 Last to discuss relations with Non Muslims]It is the permanent Command in Islam for muslims to hate Jews and ChristiansNot to take Either as a Friend This comes from the Qur'an Hadith scholars Bukhari it is Halal to Lie to Non MuslimsOh ye that believe ( Islam)  take not the Jew or christian as a friend they are only Friends and protectors of each other Qur'an 5: 51The Prophet said the Hour of judgement will come until all muslims fight the Jews and Christians and kill themIt will not come until the Jews and Christians hide and the Rocks and trees say O Muslim O servant of god There is a Jew and or a christian behind me come and Murder himSacred Hadith Bukhari, 103/6 number 2926 Jihad (Sura 9:Jihad is a permanent obligation on the Muslim community until the whole world made the Islam ( Death to all Non Muslims) Islamic Law provides 3 options for People of the Book( those that had A holy book before Mohamed):(1) they may convert to islam(2)They may be Murdered; or(3) they may pay the Jizya ( non Muslim Tax) and subjugated to islamic law with NO RIGHTS Pagans and others who have No Holy book Prior to mohamed Must convert or be MurderedYou cannot have this as law and teach it without the Brain-dead believing this is Halal72 Virgins and a Land of Milk and Honey

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    2 months ago

    There is a lot of gibberish posted by others here.  In simplicity, there are two main reasons:

    1.  Muslims do not like ANY other religion, and SOME Quran passages bad-mouth Christians and Jews.  [Other passages are friendly towards Christians and Jews.]  In practice, many Muslims hate Buddhists, Hindus, and other non-Abrahamic religions, too.

    2.  Many Muslims hate Israel; so by extension, they hate Jews.

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    2 months ago

    Do not you know that, the Jewish  people who are true to Torah turn against the Zionist Israel and become allied with the Palestinians of Christians and Muslims.

    See more details on this topic  for yourself. That why.

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    2 months ago

    Islam is a Jewish Created religion just like Christianity. 


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