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Is it strange I conciliate myself when girls pick other guys over me?

Honestly I kind of find peace in myself when this happens. I usually hope for the best for both the girl and the guy. I’m not resentful or anything. But I also understand I need to respect myself. My father taught me the importance of dignity, and if I’m not your first pick, then I wont’t be your second. Like I wish for a girl’s relationship to last well and long, but I don’t want to be used as a plan B or put on the back burner. Like I’m perfectly fine with not being picked first, but don’t get greedy. Don’t try to keep other guys into your orbit thinking you might need them later, because 9/10 times, you won’t. 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    This is a healthy attitude. We all face rejection in various aspects of life be it romance, professional advancement or even just having to cope with the general rudeness of society. Learning to not freak out over every little slight is a gift. One that sadly far too many people have not availed themselves of. 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    You might not have wanted those girls anyway. If they do come around to you, it may be because their first choice wasn't for them. Maybe they think that you will be. 

    It's not a matter of being second. It's a matter of the right fit.

    Being positive and maintaining good relationships with others, male and female, is what happiness is all about.

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