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Can you reject sadness?

can you be sad and then it just disappears? or can you find a situation you’d normally be sad at but don’t feel any emotion towards? can your brain just reject the idea of sadness?


if you get overly upset and then it just disappears. can that cause you to reject sadness by bottling it up or just self criticism? sadness about hurtful words by loved ones or close people or feeling judged or annoyed.

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    Feelings are like the weather. Sadness comes and goes like the rain. A lot of our misery comes from being upset about being upset. This is being sad about being sad, afraid of being afraid, and angry at ourselves for being angry. The thing is just to say, OK, I'm sad, no big deal. But you want to do things that get you out of it, whatever works for you that makes you healthy. 

    One of the best strategies for mental health is minimizing the amount of time you spend down in the dumps because of a misfortune. When you're knocked down, get back on your feet as fast as you can.

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    2 months ago

    It depends what the sadness is about. more details pls. 

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