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My hair is breaking off and damaged should I cut it to a pixie cut to grow it back?

I have dyed my hair in the past and I have bleached it and now my hair is taking a long time to grow, and it is starting to curl and is thinning which is causing it to break. I am thinking of cutting my hair off to a pixie instead of shaving it because I am worried about the looks I will get if I shave my head.

Can someone tell me if it is a good idea to cut my hair to a pixie cut so it will grow back healthier and get rid of the extra bleach in my hair and the damaged hair.

Please someone help me!!!!

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    Sorry to tell you this, but you are a fool to think that cutting hair will make it grow thicker! or darker, or stronger or curlier or anything.

    Hair grows as it always has. It is formed under the skin, and NOTHING you do on the outside is going to affect what happens under the skin!! That's the plain truth.

    However, hair growth is affected by many changes in your body. When you are not well, your hair won't be the best. When hormones take over, your hair will not be the best. When you don't treat your hair well, it won't be the best.

    You should cut your hair into a pixie (what is that anyway??) should you wish, but only if you and your stylist feel you will look good in it (most people do). But you DO NOT cut your hair in any way thinking it is going to improve the texture or health of the hair.

    Now, if you have severely damaged your hair by harsh treatments, then cutting only removes the damage. Hair always grows back as it always was! In those cases, stop doing the damage and  your hair will improve! Simple as that.

    Applying any kind of mask or treatment doesn't do much. Those are temporary relief, but are not a repair. Once damage is done, it is permanent; you can only cover it up temporarily. Best not to do the damage! But cutting improves the shape and looks of the hair, but does absolutely nothing for how it grows!!

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    If you don’t want to cut it try a hair mask and use that more often- can help

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    pubic hair................?

    that,s a good idea 

    go for it

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    Cutting off the damaged parts may be the only way you can recover your hair. Go to a professional salon unless you are good at hair cutting. 

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    Have your hair cut by a professional in a shaggy pixie cut. Do not color or bleach it. Eat healthy and condition your hair. If possible do not attempt to curl, wave or perm your hair for a long time.

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    it's your hair to do with it as you wish

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    No need to shave, just get a cute little pixie cut and keep it trimmed at the pixie length over the winter. By spring all the bleached and damaged hair will be long gone and your hair willl be all virgin undyed natural hair. Then you can leave it alone and let it grow again.  Hair grows about half an inch month so a pixie requires frequent trims. That half inch a month also means that after three or four months whatever damaged that hair wasn't trimmed in the first cut will since be cut away and be long gone. As I said, by spring your have fresh healthy hair and you can grow it to any style you want. Just be a bit more carefully with the chemicals from now on. 

  • Personally I'm not a fan of the shaved head look, also it can take a very long time to grow that out. You should get the damaged / bleached hair cut off, so it looks healthier. If you leave it alone, your hair should grow. 

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    Getting a pixie cut is a good idea. Leaving your hair the way it is will cause more damage when you brush it. Getting it cut will prevent you from losing a lot of hair and breakage. Good luck. 

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