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I think i have covid and ?

I am getting tested Tuesday. I been sneezing achey and have a stuffy head feeling. I am scared. Does anyone you know had it and then recovered? Ty


I am 56 years old and have depression and anxiety.

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    How old are you? Do you have any underlying health conditions?

    For adults 55-64, there have been ~30,000 COVID deaths out of 42 million people. About half have gotten it, so the death rate is about 1 in 700. You don't have any preexisting conditions, so your rate would jump to about 1 in 7,000. You are on the younger range of 55-64, so I would estimate your mortality rate at about 1 in 10,000. Also, you probably have a 1 in 1,000 chance of developing long term health issues.

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    It's very unlikely that you have covid based on your symptoms.

    Covid is not usually related to sinus issues.

    Yes, I know many people who have had it and recovered. - 72 year old man who has been in a nursing home with MS for about 3 years, recovered.  He did not get any treatment for covid due to his pre-existing condition and was able to fight it off.

    - a 68 year old female who is overweight, has severe type 2 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that causes paralysis and a few other conditions said it felt like mild strep throat for about 2 days.

    - and the list goes on and on including the President, at least one Supreme Court Justice, many many celebritiesThe chance of dying from covid in Prior to May was about 5.8%.

    June - August it was reduced to about 1.8%

    Sept - November was about 1.3%

    78.6% of the deaths in my city of about 600,000 were people over age 65.

    Our death rate is only 1.7% of cases since the beginning of tracking until now.

    From Sept & October we had fewer covid deaths than flu deaths. 

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