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Why do women pretend husbands will get more sex if they help out with chores... when studies show husbands who do more chores, get LESS sex?

Becoming more attractive will also lead to more sex. Being more confident and alpha will lead to more sex. Getting better at seducing a wife will lead to more sex.

Doing more chores WON’T lead to more sex. Because sex has nothing to do with chores. Sex has to do with arousal. Women don’t get aroused by a man doing chores. They get aroused by a man’s physical attractiveness, confidence, dominance, personality and seduction ability. Studies show that men who do more chores, actually get LESS sex, not more. This is proven science. So, ladies.... why pretend otherwise? Do you lie bcuz you just want men to do more housework? 🤷‍♂️


Universeone- that’s facts! 

N2mama- I appreciate you at least being partially honest, and admitting that chores alone don’t make a guy f*uckable. I do agree, a guy should do his fair share, but he should focus on keeping his body, looks and testosterone up, and being seductive and fun, bcuz otherwise he’ll get cucked no matter how many chores he does

Aruba RN- Thumbed you down because of the disingenuous answer. Yes, your husband might look good and get sex, but it’s NOT because of the chores 

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    Guys sexual desire is directly related with testosterone level.

    Doing chores with no proper rest will greatly reduce testosterone levels. 

    Therefore more chores will result less sexual desires. 

    Guys need rest and weight training to stimulate testosterone.

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    Women also don’t get aroused when they are exhausted and resentful. And I guarantee you that if he isn’t doing his fair share around the house, she is both of those things.

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    No my husband helps with housework and we usually end up having sex, a few hours later!!! I actually find him so hot moving the way he does while cleaning, mowing grass without a shirt on, and so on! Also I would never want a man who doesn't help with housework, I find it sexy when he helps!

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