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Do you get more criticism if you gain more public attention ?

I know this girl and I think she’s super hot. Every guy think so. She gain a lot of public attention without trying. She’s super quiet, polite, very soft and calm. She’s tall and naturally very pretty. Think pageant lookalike..but omg a lot of girls hate her and talk smack about her. They would find every reason to criticize and pick on her. She was single for awhile and then when she started dating, all the guys were upset with her and all the girls were like, "yay! Finally get lost. We don’t want to see u anymore”. I feel so bad for her. Why are other girls like this to her? Is it jealousy? I have been watching this girl for awhile too (because she’s soo pretty) and she doesn’t pick fights with anyone or rub anyone wrong. Why do other girls hate her so much? And I’m not just talking about 1 or 2 girls, I’m talking about the WHOLE entire town have something against her but she doesn’t know. Someone always have something to say about her. Btw I’m also a girl

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    I think the basic reason is jealousy. But it's alright. At least you know they are bitching, there might be others who see her like you do. You are right, when someone gains pubic attention they will be exposed to criticism. Well, if someone attains Public attention, people see them as public property and they will have all kinds of things to talk about her, judge her ad stuff . we cant blame anyone for that

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