Do you think people know that if election fraud has occurred, it is an act of WARFARE and is considered treason if done by citizens?

If so, this will be prosecuted by the MILITARY.  It will be NO picnic.

Do you think it is true, that people are suggesting the Biden secede?


The Kraken is a cyberwarfare group from the 305th military intelligence battalian.

Gen Michael Flynn, pardoned, has his sec clearance back and is on the job.

Cyberwarfare, AKA the software cheating that went on, is a major No-No.

A military trial will take place and some are really suggesting that Joe step down and cooperate.

Update 2:

@Beardog, yes and that is what happened with the Dominion, Scytl, machines in Spain and Germany.  The DoD guys went over and I heard there was a firefight, five soldiers, dying, etc.  MSM isn't telling it because it totally goes against the whole story for weeks on end, that Biden won, legally.  Obama is tied to HAMMR.

Update 3:


It really doesn't matter whether you believe this or not.  You should check it out for yourself because there is a whole other side of news you won't see on the MSN or Yahoo news page.

Fine if you would rather just soothe your ears with lies!

Update 4:

@Stephen Weinstein-Gov. workers are NOT civilians.  This IS RIGHT NOW being handled BY THE DoD.   

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    2 months ago
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    Sidney Powell is not a Trump lawyer, but she works with the Trump lawyers. She's an independent who is looking to press charges against the guilty.

    Trump already has provisions in place to conduct tribunals. The reason for tribunals is that the defendants are stripped of their Constitutional rights and thus are not protected by any kind of immunity clause.

    Hang in there and we'll see them hang together.

    BTW, they've recently been considering reviving the electric chair and the gallows. Perhaps for the occasion...

    Under the law, anyone who conspires with a traitor is, himself, guilty of treason - this would take out a lot of the fake media as well. But things won't extend that far, as much as they should, I'm sorry to say.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Pointless question.  It's been proved that there was NOT fraud.

  • 2 months ago

    A man in Luzerne County PA (one county's results NOT challenged by Trump) was arrested for requesting an absentee ballot for his dead mother--a Trump supporter 

    So...they can catch this guy in Luzerne County...and Trump won't challenge THOSE results but will challenge the ones in Wayne County MI, Dane and Milwaukee WI and Maricopa AZ where  significant amounts of people of color live...

    The racism is apparent here

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    This is an hypothetical question because electoral fraud did not take place.  Nor is it likely to be linked to the actual stance of the Republican party on policies.  It's simply that the electorate recognised Trump's unsuitability for the office.  That said, the degree of scrutiny he underwent as president is usually absent from other presidencies and should continue with Biden.

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  • 2 months ago

    are you 2 years old or psychotic?

  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    And this, class, is a grade AA moron.

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    People throw the words war and treason around loosely.  Only about a dozen people over the past 200 years have been convicted of treason, and most of them were later pardoned.  War is conducted between nations and the last one declared was WWII.  Afghanistan is really not a war, it is a civil war, since we are fighting faction of anti-government insurgents and not a nation. 

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    What I know is YOU don't even CARE if any of your rants remotely resemble facts.

    I also know that treason is the ONE crime actually defined by the Constitution of the United States, and election fraud DOES NOT fit the definition.

    It is also ILLEGAL for the military to enforce domestic law without EXPRESS permission from Congress, which won't happen with BOTH houses split as closely as they are.

    EVERY ONE of your updates is PURE FICTION.

  • david
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    2 months ago

    Listen cuckroach, you don't scare us. There was no fraud. Any attempts to do so are futile, as it didn't happen. Any "evidence" presented is as fabricated as Powell's Edison County, Michigan results. A county which doesn't exist. Our armed forces are made up of people. Many if not most of whom dislike rump and won't kill their family members and friends to keep the diaper don happily in power. They'd probably kill him 1st, and if you think the Secret Service is going to dutifully stand in the way of inevitability, guess again. They don't like him either. They'll catch a bullet throw their lives on the altar of freedom, but not the mound of duplicity and graft that is this vermin. When was the last time that a Secret Service protection detail relocating to follow the protectee became a news article? When was the last time that US agencies like the Secret Service had to advertise for applicants?

  • 2 months ago

    Election fraud did NOT happen 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    do you realize how idiotic you sound? of course you don't you have TDS. Let it go he lost.

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