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Other girl buying my boyfriend a present?

I am dating this guy and have been for 2 years. Though this gay women who my boyfriend has been friends with for 4 years. I met her once and think she's an amazing person and they have a cool friendship. But they stopped hanging round each other since I was dating him so that's like 2 years really of not being as close as they were. I don't know if she feels like she's crossing my boundaries or scared to ask him out town for a mate date. She fancys women so I'm not worried lol but it was my boyfriend birthday and she sent him a gift with clothes. Hat and tshirt which was very kind of her. That she still think if him even when not close. I do think the gift was a bit too much for my liking. I never get my friends clothes. Buy your own lol am I overthinking this gift of hers? 

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    Yes you are overthinking, I buy my guy friends gifts on their birthday and dud, they have been fiends for four years and she came first before you both got into a relationship. you said for yourself  that she is gay, then why are you worrying so much.

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    Why don't you appreciate the gifts along with your boyfriend happiness?? She's not your friend so why you even offended about that? It wasn't for you ya know 🙄😒 for that girl to send a present and not even talk to him for ages says a lot about her and her commitment to stay faithful in friendship regardless of talking or falling apart. You do not have a say in your boyfriends friendships. If he wants to become close with her. Let it happen. After all. She's attracted to women?? Why so paranoid 😐😑

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