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29+ weeks pregnant and stressed?

Soon 29+ weeks pregnant. Must say i am really stressed All the time with a dont carish child father. I havent bought any baby clothes nothing for my self either . Realising that everytime im stressed i have alot of braxton hicks and back pain . I know stress isnt good. But im just so stressed  

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    You don't say what stressing you out. In order for anything to change you have to identify the stress triggers and do whatever you can to avoid that.

    If your boyfriend is not on board with this baby, then it's time for you to make some choices and plan your life without him. During a  calm moment, sit your boyfriend down and tell him what your expectations are and that if he cannot comply then you will simply leave him and file to collect child support. Also, make it very clear that you will move on without him and find another man to love you and he will be more of a father to your child as you both raise your baby.

    Now, if that is not enough to get his attention then you have just saved yourself a hell of a lot of time by moving on without him. Amen

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    Stress is worse for you than it is for baby, since by this point in pregnancy some pregnant mothers start developing hypertensive complications. If your stress starts affecting your blood pressure, you may need to talk to your OB about blood pressure meds and/or be on careful lookout for other worrisome symptoms.

    As for what's causing you stress, we strangers on the internet can't do anything about the person you chose to have a child with, but what I would suggest is writing down a list of all the things you need to do (or at least would like to do) in order to get ready for baby. Then work through your list. I can save you at least some trouble right now, by reassuring you that many "big" purchases for baby don't need to be done right away. In the beginning you'll need a carseat, somewhere for baby to sleep, a way to feed baby, and some basic clothes and diapers, but everything else is technically optional. You don't need a big travel system stroller or a fancy crib or a high chair or tons of toys or even all *that* many clothes, you can start with the basics and buy more as you need it. The baby doesn't even need a whole nursery, they can just room with you the first few months.

    One thing I *would* recommend is that you line up your postpartum help now. If you don't think babydaddy will be very supportive, then ask family and friends to help out where and when they can. Also if you will be returning to work, I'd suggest looking at daycares now and see if you can secure a spot or get on a waiting list. Because of COVID many daycares are running at limited capacity, so you probably want to start looking now. 

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    So what exactly is your question? If the baby daddy causes you more stress than he’s worth, avoid having him in your life and file for child support as soon as you have the baby. You still have time, not sure why you mention not having bought things yet. If you can’t afford to buy maternity clothing for yourself or things for the baby, are you sure that keeping the baby is the best choice? Especially with a father who doesn’t care? Would you consider adoption? If not, do you have family you can lean onto provide support, both financial and emotional? No idea how old you are or what your job and financial situations are, but yes, stress isn’t good for the baby. That said, without additional info, not much help or advice can be offered.

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    What is it that's stressing you? I do think stress is bad. It causes surges of hormones and chemicals that might affect the baby. Are you stressed because you're not sure you'll be a good mother? We all worry about that, but just think about the cave women who had nothing to read or look up about mothering, no baby clothes, no pediatricians, and their babies still survived. Do you have any family members to help? I know someone who is a nurse in labor and delivery. She says there are so many times when the father has taken off, and has not been there for the mother at all. Many women do fine under those circumstances. Think of what calms you, whether that's taking deep breaths, looking at favorite pictures, watching a (calm and happy) movie, taking a walk- whatever. But try to keep your stress under control. 

    Babies don't need much at the beginning. Diapers and a safe place to sleep. 

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    Hmm so what can you do to improve your situation? What are you asking really? You should be your number one priority and that of your unborn child. I'm sorry your child's father is of no help, is there anyone who can help you? Do things that help you relieve stress, take a nice bubble bath, watch a movie, exercise some, maybe baby shop with a relative or friend. Stress is bad for the baby and YOU. Wish you the best, hope to have help at least a little

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    Pray.  I will pray for you too.  If you have never asked Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior, I urge you to do so.  He is a faithful friend.  He has helped me with all sorts of problems as well as given me assurance of a home in heaven.  Please read the New Testament.  I suggest starting with the Gospel of John.  Have a cup of herbal tea.  Try to get a little exercise.  Maybe just pace around your home.  Also look up Philippians 4:6-8.  

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