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Is it odd that Pomeranian is behaving in a contradicting way towards me?

So my Mom’s Pomeranian and I have a very playful relationship and she has a unique personality and not afraid to show it. She is kind of a poor sport if I don’t allow her to win or give her way when we play so she kind of hates me and loves me at the same time. Sometimes when she sees me she will immediately growl aggressively but she doesn’t bite me instead she will come over to start licking me but still continue to growl at the same time. She knows better not to bite and I’ve had no problem with this but I think it’s odd behavior that she is simultaneously licking me which is showing affection but growling at the same time which shows aggressive behavior.

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    I have seen lots of videos about this.  Kind of funny & odd but sometimes the growl is far worse than the bite.  She is just a unique little dog.  Part of her character.  Some dogs are like this but not all.

    What is ambivalent behavior?

    The dog's teeth may be bared and he may be growling, barking or whining and whimpering. Ambivalent behavior is when the dog has mixed motivations, and displays both offensive and defensive behaviors such as staring with ears flattened or crouched body posture and lunging.

    What You Should Know About The Kinds Of Dog Aggression › pdf › freeart1

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