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What can I do if I only need a PO box once?

So I'm going to be on a trip that only a week-long but I ordered something online that will arrive while I am away. I know I can open a PO box just so that they can hold my stuff for a bit, however, I only would use it once and it's a long process to get it one. I don't want anyone from my home opening my packages while I am away and therefore need ideas of where I can send my stuff that's not for my home just this one time.

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    Why would anyone in your home open mail or packages that are addressed to you?

    Are you a child?

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    If it is coming by USPS, put a mail hold on your address (you can usually do it online but you can also go to the PO and fill out a form). Of course this would hold the mail for the entire address (but it sounds like there will be people at home and this might not be an option).

    If it is coming by Fedex/UPS and you have the tracking number you can ask them to delay delivery (might be able to do this online now, but I haven't for a while). Or can can redirect the package perhaps to a friends house.

    If there are people at home, just tell them that the package is for a friend, so please don't open it and have a friend come by an pick it up.

    If not too late, just call the company it was ordered from and ask them to delay shipping or cancel the order and reorder so it arrives when you are home.

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    Have the Post Office put your mail and packages on hold. They will hold them until you get back.

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