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Do y’all think I’m jealous or felling left out/ sad?

My sister-in-law had a baby this is her third one and me and my mom kept talking about her having twins but she didn’t and my mom said well we didn’t get our boy and I said no then I said well I can have twins and then she said your not going to have kids or get married and every time someone talks about me having a kid or getting married my parents always says I’m not getting married . And my parents always talk about my brother having a lot of kids but they never say I’m going to have kids and my dad told my brother when he was about 13 maybe older that he wanted grandkids ( not at that time but in the future lol) but he never told

Me he wanted grandkids from me . my mom says says that I don’t need a guy and my dad says things like that too like saying stuff like I’m not going to date or guys aren’t aloud to look at me and Ik he’s just being a dad but it kinda gets annoying lol . So would y’all be mad/sad if y’all’s parents kept telling your brother should have more kids but never told you or that they don’t want you to get married ? Please no mean comments thanks


Sorry if the is long or confusing 

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    Hello troubled one it definitely can be discouraging and sadden someone to constantly be told they won't be married or have children but does the opposite with a male . Does this have anything to do with your upbringing or religious culture? Are they being prejudice or showing favoritism? Children are a blessing I hope you get the opportunity to experience the joy of mother hood when applicable in the meantime try to keep a calm heart and your peace of mind . 

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    No.  You sound like a teenage girl.  Maybe the youngest?  They aren't viewing you as being old enough to date yet.  They also sound like they are fixated on grandchildren which I don't think is healthy.  People should have children because THEY want them.....not because their parents want grandchildren.  Why have a baby for someone else's gratification?  If you are older than a teenager etc.....then maybe they are lining you up to be the spinster daughter who looks after them in their old age?  I think you should do what YOU want to do.  Don't dwell on all this grandchildren rubbish.  Your parents cannot dictate which of their children will marry or not marry or whether they'll produce offspring or not. Nobody knows the future.  They are hoping for grandkids that's all.  In your shoes I'd let all this crap go right over my head.  Be glad they aren't pressuring you to have children you might not want.  Do your own thing.  Don't believe that you aren't going to meet someone and get married and have lots of kids (that's if YOU want them).  Leave school.  Get a job.  Meet guys and date them.  Check-out all those fish in the sea and if you find a good one who loves you - THEN settle down and marry him.  Once you are close friends and have a likely future together..... that's the time to introduce the guy to your parents.

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    I think you're jealous AND feeling left out/sad.

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