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If you were a University student and you struggled with money in your underdeveloped country,would you immigrate to a country with strong?

economy which is 2.5 hours away from your city and come back three times a year to give exams to finish the degree;

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    If you are struggling with money in your own country, then how would getting a student visa to study elsewhere be any easier? Especially when you have to pay international fees to do that and prove you have them to get the visa.... so no I would continue to study in the country I live in and get  job so I could earn more money and not have to struggle

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    Do you mean work abroad and study in your own country?

    Unlikely to be an option; getting a work visa in another country without a degree, experience and qualifications is basically not going to happen. 

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    It's unlikely that you would be eligible to live and work in another country, so this won't be be an option.

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