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Why is my dog acting so strange and different ?

I bought three months ago a pomeranian, he is 2 years old. When he first interacted with my female maltese it was a sweet greeting, they waved their tails and sniffed each other’s noses. Since I’m a dog lover I bought last week a new dog again, a 5 month old male pekingese. When I brought him home, I suspected a warm welcome from my dogs instead my pomeranian suddenly started growling at him and stood above him in a aggressive dominant way while my maltese just sniffed him and ignored him. She is 11 years old and doesn’t care about others dog much cause she was alone most of her life, we had her the longest. I was shocked that my pomeranian acted so aggressive towards him cause he is so lovely towards everybody, he loves my maltese, they are best buddies and he interacts happily with other dogs when I take him out but with my pekingese he acts so aggressive like he wants to attack him. Why isn’t he nice to him like towards my maltese? My pekingese is lovely and wants to play with him and always loves to chase him but my pomeranian acts like a jerk towards him. He is castrated by the way and shouldn’t act aggressive then, I plan to castrate my pekingese after new year when he becomes old enough for it. Anyway why is my pomeranian acting so weird? Is it jealousy? 

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    The Peke invaded the the Poms territory & dogs get down right serious about protecting their territory.  You did not do the proper introduction to even see if they would get along.  You just brought the dog home & you had unrealistic expectations of the outcome.  This happens all the time cause people don't know how to introduce dogs before you bring them home to the home dog.  Human error.  Dogs are all different.

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    It could just be that your pom doesnt like other male dogs

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    This is always an issue when a new dog comes into the house. I trust these are rescues, and you aren't paying a breeder when there are so many unwanted dogs in the world.  I have no idea why your dog isn't being "nice" to the newcomer.  I have seen HORRIBLE injuries to dogs when a new dog is brought into a home.  

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    Same gender dogs (whether male or female) are more prone to fight, in a household and it is not recommended to have same gender over opposite gender.  Being neutered does removed the ability to produce SPERM, but it does not automatically radically alter the dog's natural behaviors.  Removing the testicles may reduce his testosterone but will not make dogs less likely to guard their own turf, esp against:

    1) a RUDE and untrained puppy and 

    2) a puppy - about to hit sexual PUBERTY.

    Had you wanted them to get along BETTER you should have:

    1) left things as they are.  3 dogs is an ODD number and one will ALWAYS be the "odd man OUT" - that the other two will gang up on.

    2) you should brought in an 8 week old puppy - who would have been treated better (forgiven more transgressions) or

    3) Introduced all of them on NEUTRAL turf rather than in your house or yard.

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    Because you brought another MALE dog into HIS home. And it also sounds like you didn't introduce them in a neutral area first. Very different to meeting other dogs outside his home. 

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    hm, I don't know. but if you're concerned maybe you should take him to a vet 

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    why do u need so many dogs

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