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What else can I do SO I CAN FOCUS on happy things in life?

There was an involvement between me and several girls that I wanted nothing else from these girls on the internet, but I might have done something f*cked up online, but not sure. In my personal belief, i think having sex is wrong and considered obnoxious, and there are people who worked with ME on this issue. But, they seem to have these problems of mental retardation which that they don't presume that I'm not going to HURT anyone, but they called it 'rape'. Anyways, what I do is, even though I used to think that S-E-X is wrong and OBNOXIOUS, in which I still think I do. But my mind has changed drastically from that issue or type of predicament. I HATE admitting this problem, but I keep having problems or predicaments which keeps me from going outside and doing the things that I want to do. 


P.S. There's another thing involved with me and my sister, and it's considered something absurd, and I may not AGREE to this situation. But, I don't think I can erase it. Again, I don't know what happened with that. I keep answering to this, and I keep telling someone the same story happened, but differently. But they keep stating that I'm changing the answer. How this conversation happened first, was through a mental breakdown. 

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    2 months ago

    Write down things that make you happy.

    Read them over and over.

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