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Home defense with a pickaxe tool?

If an intruder broke into your house, can you defend yourself with a pickaxe tool? Is a pickaxe good tool to defend yourself in a home defense or burglary?


The handle is made of a composite material reinforced with fiberglass.

 Length: 91 cm

 Warranty: 2 years

Update 2:

91 centimeter is 35.8268 in inches 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I wouldn't just rely on that 

  • Carlos
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    1 month ago

    I was watching a channel called HardtoHit on Youtube a few weeks back and I hope to give some insight on personal defense .

    and he stated long weapons as this a long baseball bat , piceaxe , long shovels in a tight space limits when swinging and it could be likely to hit objects instead of the intruder and it takes a long recovery rate after the swing too .

    So really the best self defense weapons is either not be there or course but if are in a fight or flight situation then the best choice is a hand pistol with proper training but if you need to use melee weapons a short baseball bat , a good knive , rolled up magazine , a short pot ( blunt weapon ) and another weapon to get a is buckler ( medieval small shield is effective for defense and offensive uses .

  • think entrenching tool, extremely effective

  • Bon
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    2 months ago

    Your question precedes from a false assumption: that a weapon (any weapon) automatically gives you the skills to utilize it for an intended purpose.  A weapon is a tool.  A tool is only as useful as the skill of the wielder. No skill, no use.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    1 thin comes to mind. If you try to swing it you WILL hit something. Chances to get stuck with a tool like this in something would increase when used inside.

    You may hit  ceiling, a wall, piece of furniture or even worse the loved ones you are trying to defend.

    When a tool or a weapon becomes dangerous to user or those you defend it becomes either too dangerous or it becomes useless.

    Leave it as a tool not  weapon. You would be better with a baseball bat or machete. Another is to look at the mess this would create. And the fact if multiple attackers and this tool is buried and stuck in a individual you just gave up your weapon. Another useless weapon being stuck in enemy.

    Poor choice. Would be better to learn to defend without a weapon first. Than learn simple weapons like knives and short sticks (think Kali or escrima).

    Short sticks like in Kali can do a lot of damage fast and not messy like the garden tool you want to use.

    Also it is too big and bulky, easy to trip over if let near a door or night stand.

    These are things you did not think of.

    When a tool or weapon imposes danger to user that tool or weapon becomes useless when needed in life threatening situation. Since chances of you getting hurt or killed is increased by use of a tool as such.

    Also another is this is a 2 handed weapon or tool. Which means you already on loosing end in struggle for life. Making you a better target when you try to swing weapon.

    Another is ease of use and recovery. You might as well use a sledge hammer. You can not recover in time if you miss with weapon or you need to restrike.

    This means if i were to attack you at home right now. And you with you tool. Even with me not having a weapon, I would take that weapon from you and beat you and your family to death with it.

    Why? To make a point that is a tool and a useless weapon that will not keep every one alive but instead would get you and them KILLED.

    Source(s): former USMC and 30+ years of martial sciences, living in 1 of the most violent cities in USA
  • ?
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    2 months ago

    it is no match if the intruder has a gun

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