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How to tell your parents you want to move out?

So I'm 23 years old and I really want independence. I get treated like a small child by my parents all the time and I feel like it's impacted my confidence and self-esteem. I really want to move out and live with a friend my age so I can make my own decisions. I'm not sure how to tell this to my parents as I worry they'll disown me or cry or make a big scene as they normally do about just anything. My mom especially -- we have a tight bond and I worry she will not know what to do if I leave, that's the kind of thing she tells me and it guilt trips me.

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    Logically, she must know that you will move out at some point, just as she did. Ask her about when she moved away from her parents. How did her own parents react? Take her back to when she wanted her own independence. Perhaps her own mother used emotional blackmail as she is doing. How did she feel about that? Have your parents any siblings whose children have left home? Ask them to talk to them if so.

    It might be best to make your arrangements without telling them until it is a fait accomplis. Give them a week or so, but not much more if possible.

    Good Luck!

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    Buy a cake and have a party- I'm sure your parents will be ecstatic you're finally getting a life.

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    Hello concerned one you mentioned you're afraid your parents will disown you do you mean cut you off financially? Abandon you as their child for trying to be independant? Are there reasons why they treat you like a small child all the time? Are you showing yourself to be responsible while at home? Mom's will always have a special bond with their children and only want the best for them and sometimes can be over protective because they don't want anything to happen to us but it shouldn't become a matter of making you feel guilty whenever you do leave and become Independant that's what they raised you to do. Keep honoring your parents and being respectful even when making decisions right wrong good bad because you never know when you might need them again. Be wise when moving in with someone you think you can get along with before leaving your safety net because it's not always greener on the other side. Bad associations spoil useful habits or might corrupt your moral standards. It's easy to jump into something but might be harder getting out of it. Pray for wisdom and guidance. 


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