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Will my car be totaled?

I hit a pole last night in the Walmart parking lot. As embarrassing as it sounds, I was only going 10 MPH or less and it was pouring rain. I had low visibility and next thing I know my car hits the pole. Its a 2016 Lexus IS 200T. It was just repaired 2 months ago after the tire (less than a year old) blew on the freeway and caused $8k in damage after hitting the sidewall. I have never had an accident at fault until that accident. I owe 21k and the KBB is between 18-20k. When I hit the pole last night, the car started to smoke, and it wouldn't turn back on for the tow truck driver to move it. I'm wondering if they are going to end up totaling it at this point. I know only State Farm can determine this but what do you guys think. Does it look repairable? I have GAP but obviously would rather it be fixed so I don't have to start all over in another car. I'm in Texas as well, full coverage. Thank you.


Airbags did not deploy

Update 2:

Wow, some pretty harsh answers. I was in front of Walmart as somewhat evident in the photo. I assure you that I wasn't going fast at all (not that I care if you believe me). If you live in DFW, you'll know that visibility is low in heavy rain and hail. I doubt State Farm would drop me as I have Life, Homeowners, Supplemental, & Car (2) insurance with them. I pray that you and your children don't have to ever deal with an accident, and if so, well then maybe you deserve to be dropped as well :)

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    Sorry that you got some really mean answers.   A little hard to tell from the photo if the car is a total loss.   I believe you that you were only going 10 miles an hour.   It does not take much to smash in a car.   Some cars take damage much better and are safer than your car.   

    Going back to the first claim, I hope State Farm is subrogating against the Tire Manufacturer for a defective tire that caused the accident.   Make sure State Farm is doing that.    That accident should not count against you since it was not YOUR fault. 

    Now back to your current claim.    If State Farm totals the car I would would go get a new car.    If not, then let them fix your car. 

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    Ok first of all visibility looks good to me and something tells me you were doing more than 10 mph because theres no way that pole caused that much damage if you were going that slow.

  • Anonymous
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    That looks pretty dry for a heavy ran. Cars are designed to absorb impact (which yours did). You were going much faster that 10 miles an hour. Noe the less, that's just metal damage. A new fender, bumper, grill & hood won't total the car. But, State Farm may drop you.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Consider that the bumper takes most of the 10MPH blow, then this is much faster than 10.  If the bags did not deploy, which they should have on a front end crash, then the car is fixable.  The insurance is going to go for the cheapest route for them.

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    I live in DFW, well, I actually live in Denton, but the rain doesn't make it any less visible here or there than it does anywhere else. That part is rather confusing. However, it doesn't look like it would be totaled just looking at the picture. The issue you will have is what they determine "may be" damaged behind the parts you can see damaged. If you bent the frame at all, then yep it's going to be totaled. Good luck to you, though.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's toast........

  • 2 months ago

    Come on, you were doing more than 10 mph.  Just admit it!  Anyway...

    Since you mentioned smoke and no restart, and just looking at the pic, you've got engine damage.  Engines are expensive, and repairing them isn't cheap either.  It might happen.

    The law in Texas says there is no magic percent, the cost of repairs either exceeds or does not exceed the actual cash (depreciated retail) value of the vehicle in pre-accident condition.  The law in Texas also says, however, that insurance companies can use a magic percent if they want.  That leaves a lot of unknown variables.

    Total loss works like this:  Insurance will pay the repair cost OR __% of Actual Cash Value, whichever is less.  Both numbers must be estimated by a professional ( is not admissible in court) in writing, because both might be reviewed by a judge or state auditor at any time.  

    Without knowing the repair estimate or the appraised value, it's anybody's guess.  Without knowing State Farms magic write-off percent in Texas, it's anybody's completely blind guess.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    okay i'm just gonna tell you right now, MOST of the time when tires fail while driving, it's because they are not properly inflated. I have a vague feeling like you didn't check your tire pressure regularly, and inflate them as needed. (tires DO deflate over time on their own). so you were probably driving on a tire that was at like 15 psi and that's why it failed. that might be your fault. 

    If you've got poor visibility, you need to use the wipers, stop, and pull over, you're lucky you only hit a pole and not a child or parent. their medical bills would be WAY more than the cost of your car.

    you shouldn't have tried to start it. it looks like the bumper got crushed into the drive belts and pulleys.

    anyway, there's not enough information in the photo. I can't see the fenders, the latches for the hood, or anything else. bare minimum that looks like 6-7k worth of damages. you should probably get a less expensive car like a hyundai accent or something.

    Source(s): You honestly could have ran over a child and killed someone driving around without paying attention to what's in front of you. It's a walmart parking lot. Kids are walking around there. It's a bit silly to be worried about your car when you're a reckless driver who could have seriously hurt someone through negligence.
  • Ron
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    2 months ago

    You didn't do that at ten mph, skippy. Congratulations on having your coverage cancelled. State farm is tired of paying for your stupidity

  • May
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    2 months ago

    You are wasting your time asking here.  As you yourself stated, only the liable insurance company can and will determine whether it will be repaired or totaled.  Ask them not us.  As for me, my crystal ball is broken.......

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