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Can you correct this phrase with a language less "foreigner"?

"I bought these bluetooth earphones. After one day I've already some problems. One of them turns off immediately. Why? Yesterday they've been worked for different hours. Today one of them works and the other one doesn't."

Would a native english speaker use this way to speak? 

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    I bought these Bluetooth earphones.  After one day, I've already experienced problems.  One of the earpieces turns itself off, why?  Yesterday, they worked intermittently;  today, one earpiece works and the other doesn't.  I am totally frustrated with the performance of the earphones.  Would you please help me resolve these issues.

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    2 months ago

    We don't contract "I have" to "I've" the way you did in "After one day I've already some problems".  Also the word order is wrong.  It's "After one day, I already HAVE some problems with them".

    "Yesterday they've been worked..." is wrong too.  "It's "Yesterday they WORKED".  I'm not sure where you got "they've been worked" from. Maybe you meant to say "Yesterday they WERE WORKING at different times, but not simultaneously".  I really cannot discern what you wanted to say there.

    English verb tenses require very specific conjugations, forms & helping verbs that are not interchangeable.  It seems like you've mixed several of them up.

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