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Chances of pregnancy?

please help, please no negative comments just someone who needs some reassurance 

I am on the BCP and have been for a couple years now. My boyfriend and I also use the withdrawal method while having sex and this is my first month fully using just those two methods. 

I am a pretty much a daily pot smoker. The only medications I have taken this month are ibuprofen, NyQuil, and alieve (so basically just OTC medications) 

There was one day (it was a Friday on the first week of a new pack) where I took a pill 3 and half hours late. 

I had one day this week where I had some spotting but it was like 3 wipes of blood and nothing else. 

I just took my last active pill last night. 

I feel like I have all my normal symptoms before a period expect I feel like I’m peeing a little more but that can add up to a lot of different things such as a possible UTI

What are my chances of being pregnant? Anyone else just these two methods for protection? 

Thank you in advance.

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    First of all, stop telling yourself the 'pull out method' is a birth control method. All it is is an excuse for a guy to not put on a condom; nothing more.

    Secondly, there are drugs that can interfere with your birth control, I have a link for you.

    Thirdly, weed MAY also weaken your birth control, but there really isn't much research done on that. That one is still being looked into.

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    Hasn't anyone explained to you how these methods work? The birth control pill stops you from releasing an egg. No egg means nothing to fertilize, so no pregnancy. It's not normally necessary to use condoms along with the bcp unless you're always protecting against STDs. ANd the pullout method is completely useless, so there's really no point in doing that! Taking the pill a few hours late does not mean that your body instantly releases an egg. Even if you miss one day, the doctor will tell you to take two pills the next day and you'll be fine. You need to maintain a steady level of the hormone in your system. There are a few things that interfere with the effectiveness of the pill- mostly antibiotics, but you can look up the medications you took to see if there are any warnings about combining them with the pill. 

    Your chances of being pregnant are very, very small. The pill alone provides about 99% protection. But that 1% is the reason many of us have fought to keep abortion an alternative for women who, for whatever reason, can't bear or support a baby. 

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    2 months ago

    The chances of a pregnancy are very, very low but they're not zero. No method of birth control gets you down to zero. (I had a pregnancy when I was on the pill and we used condoms faithfully. Luckily she's a charmer.) But, I repeat, very close to zero. The pill alone offers most women complete protection.

    Withdrawal is notoriously unreliable, since about one in three guys has live sperm in his pre-ejaculate. So if a pregnancy would be a disaster, I'd supplement the pill with something different or something more.

    FWIW, taking your pill a few hours late isn't that big a deal. It's not like missing an entire day, or a few days. Just try to take it within the same hour nearly all the time.

    The symptoms you report aren't typical of pregnancy at this stage, so ignore them. You don't start needing to pee more until there's something pressing your bladder, for instance.

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