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In general, can tenants send a complaint to my landlord?

In general, can tenants send a complaint to my landlord?

My landlord is trying to construct the property, and this means that all the tenants are expected to empty their places while workers are there. Given their extenuating circumstances during a pandemic, can the tenants tell their landlord that this is not a good timing and ask him/her to postpone the plan?

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    Nothing stops tenants speaking to their landlord and if a landlord is expecting tenants to remove all their possessions then the tenants are not getting the benefit of living in the property they rent, which means the landlord either doesn't expect rent to be paid during that time OR the landlord pays for the tenants to live elsewhere while their property is unavailable

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    I should think whilst tenanted there is zero construction going on inside your living space. Is this relating to essential repairs or safety upgrades?

    Otherwise as a tenant you should be allowed to deny these workers entry. It depends on your state laws and whether the work really is necessary I guess.

    Here I'd be lodging a complaint with the tenancy tribunal and they wouldn't be allowed to proceed with the work until a legal decision is made. 

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