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For casino dealers, is it safe to say that if the players at your table don't lose enough money to pay your salary, you aren't wanted there?

I'm talking about over time, of course, not just one shift. This would be an incentive to dealing as fast as possible. Do good dealers always deal as fast as possible? What if you have a player that likes to think on every move, slowing things down? Are you allowed to suggest they pick up the pace? How would you say that?

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    Over time, you or the players would have to be cheating for even a very low stake table not to make back many, many times the salary of the dealer.  It does not really involve peed at all.  

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    Its safe to say that casino management has bigger and more important things to worry about than whether or not one particular dealer covers their wages on any given shift or combination of shifts. It is expected that there will be ups and downs - that's the nature of gambling. The casino knows that the house edge (or the rake in poker) will cover their costs and result in profit in the long run, so there is no need to waste time worrying about short term streaks.

    As long as the dealer is administering the game properly in accordance with the rules I doubt there would be much concern for pace of play. Its actually far more important for the casino to make sure that customers feel welcome and comfortable, so that they will play longer, come back, and give positive reviews online or to friends.

    Perhaps a dealer can slightly increase their profits in the short term by dealing faster. But if it makes a few players uncomfortable to the point where they pick up their chips, cash out and go to another casino then the casino and the dealer both lose money compared to simply dealing at a regular pace with a smile and making sure that the players are having fun.

    Casinos are no different than any other business in the fact that a happy customer who gives positive reviews and comes back is FAR more valuable than maximizing one time profit at the expense of losing a customer and getting negative reviews.

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    Casino dealers are paid by the casino. And the casino makes most of it's money off of table rakes, and doesn't care who wins or loses. They would make more in tips and the house would make more if they dealt faster. But the dealer can't say or do anything to make them. If there was a problem, they'd call over the "floorman" (the ladies and gentlemen behind them in the suits) and they would do something about it. In a poker game, if someone is taking too long, another player can call the "floor" over and ask for a clock to be put on them if they allow it. In a game like Blackjack, there's not much they can do, and the dealers wouldn't do anything only the Floor people (managers) could.

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