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Why he enjoys me being upset over him?

He is my best guy friend and he really works hard. I always tell him to slow down, to watch after himself and his health. Yesterday we talked and he was telling about all he did this week and showed me his hands that were all black from oil (he can't wash that away, only with lemon juice). I told him that I would not be ok with it if I was his wife. He said that she doesn't even know what he does. Today he again showed me his hands and how his skin cracked and it hurts him. I told him better not to show it to me because it just makes me feel mad. He looked at me with a smugged smile and kept talking how much it hurts him

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    Love yourself and love will find you even if love is covered in grease because with love you won’t care a lot about grease anyhow. Grapefruit juice work too. 

    Source(s): I’ve used grapefruit juice to wash my hands of the grease
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    I gather that he's married... and that he's playing "poor poor pitiful me" with you... and that you're enabling him. You need to stop before you get into a situation that won't turn out well for any of you. And so does he.

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