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Does anybody in the airline industry know when they will be hiring agents again?

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    I am not an airline employee but I am a U.S. government employee working at an HNL.

    Signs says 2021 is likely to be dud for hiring agents. What will happen is that they will bring back the furloughed workers as demand increases.  2022 may be a time to try. Airlines is not expected to come back to normalcy until 2025.

    That being said, this is mostly conjecture based on information I have received. My recommendation is to keep your resume updated and ready. Keep an eye out for an opportunity. Never stop scanning. 

    Lots of luck to you for scoring the job you want. :-)

    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA officer who gabs with airline personnel.
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    No when knows

    Some say it will be years before flying gets back to pre Covid levels

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    Not even the executives know when they will be actively hiring again.  They are dealing with a timeline out of their control.

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    I doubt any airlines will be hiring until travel capacity goes up - ie when vaccines have started to roll out. 

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