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How to have a Conversation on Facebook with an old Acquaintance?

How should I start a Conversation beyond just a Hi & How are you? I want to Improve, Increase & practice my Conversation Skills by talking to my FB Friends. Because I have no Opportunities, Chances to do the same. I am at Home Unemployed, not able to get admission into the Course that I Want due to various Issues & this Pandemic. I want to have such kind of Conversation that they don't feel Disinterested/Bored to Talk to me whenever I strike a Conversation with them. Also on what topics shoyld I talk to them? I have nothing going on in Life to talk about. Neither about my Parents nor about what I am doing except for Tv Shows, my Embroidery Work & the Book I am reading which is absolutely boring (These things I do everyday, it has become a Routine & I am even bored of doing it everyday but I have nothing else to do as well). I only have 1 Person to talk to (But h9w much can I talk with 1 Person, & having with Conversation with just 1 Person is not veru helpful to improve my Conversation. I need more people to do it.) I want to Master the Conversation Skills  which I could never till now. And without it I will continue to face Failures in everything else. Pls help me out? Pls also provide examples to start

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    I'd suggest that maybe instead of trying to catch up with an old friend you join online forums for the TB shows you're watching, for the needlework you like and/or for the book you're enjoying. This way you'll actually have something to say to the other people you're communicating with. When we look up people from the past on social media the conversation always becomes, "so what are you doing now?". If you don't feel good about having any accomplishments to talk about you may have more success seeking out strangers who already share some of your interests. 

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    Just reach out to that person and tell them you have been thinking about them, and would like to just reach out to see how they are getting along. I do that once in a while with people I don't get to see as much anymore.

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