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Do you think it was smart for California to be put on lockdown because of covid 19?

I don't think it was because nobody cares. In cases of covid 19 people who don't follow the rules will get weeded out like survival of the fittest. I have seen people go places without masks and gloves and even let their children play with other children with no mask and gloves at public parks. It really is survival of the fittest. The idiots who wont wear masks will kill themselves while those who willingly take care of themselves will survive. The reason I believe that it was a mistake to put california (or any other place) on lockdown is because there will be tension between authority and citizens. Also forcing people to stay home is basically no different from a dictatorship. How far will authority take it to make sure people stay home? How long can people actually stay home without saying "enough"? I cant believe this. Yes people are dying we want people to stop spreading covid 19 but so you really think not letting people travel from 10pm-5am is going to stop covid from spreading?? I don't think so.. there is still 5am-10pm that we have to worry about. People will spread covid 19 no matter what during this time. Just practice keeping at least 6 ft apart and wearing HIGH QUALITY mask and gloves. Again I think it was a stupid idea but if it works then it works. I just think they didnt think this through and fantasized covid 19 stopped spreading if we stay home for a couple of hours


Honestly it's either the government is silly or they have other plans and motives behind all of this

Update 2:

It could be that they are just testing the waters to see if this plan reduces the amount if covid 19 outbreak but still they should have given us a time frame of when this lockdown will start and end.

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    I don't disagree that some of the policies implemented by state/local government (and businesses) aren't horribly logical.

    The curfew you describe is kind of like parents thinking their kid isn't going to have sex if they're home before bedtime.  

    Every time we go on lockdown where I live there is one grocery store who shuts all the exits/entrances except for one so they can count/limit the people in the store.   But it creates a total traffic jam at that one door.    Too many people crowded together!!!!!   And the poor employee who has to stand there in the middle  of it!  It makes no sense to me.

    "The idiots who wont wear masks will kill themselves"   And that's where you went off the rails.   Idiots who won't wear masks will kill OTHERS.   The point of a mask is to keep your cooties to yourself.

    "the government is silly or they have other plans and motives behind all of this"   And now you've put on your tinfoil hat.

    In 3-4 months most of us will be vaccinated and life will go on as usual (except for the millions of people who have lost a loved one).

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    The people not following the rules aren't the ones who die, it's them who transmit the virus to your grandmother and then she dies. 

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    California is the land of exceptions and different laws for different people. So yeah, when lockdowns only effect those not named Newsom, Pelosi, Kardashian, et al it turns out they're not very effective (except in destroying small business).  

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    It's not survival of the fittest, because not wearing a mask endangers even those who are wearing masks.  Even if you wear one, you can still be infected by someone who isn't.  If you can't stay home all the time, then the ONLY way to protect yourself is to make everyone else wear masks.

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    So in short, let the disease run unchecked and let the survival of the fittest play out. You're viewpoint is cruel and fugly. They are attempting to stem the flow because a larger majority of people sleep during those other hours.  

     How long can people actually stay home without saying "enough"?

    Forget about staying home, go ahead and let the disease ravage our nation. They then say these masks our violating my rights, and the SCOTUS agrees to a certain extent. Oh it's okay, you have covid 19, we don't care, go ahead and become a super spreader. We are offending your precious rights. Who gives a $h|t if I give someone Covid-19 and they die, it's MY PHUCKING RIGHT not to wear a mask!!! So lift the quarantine and let the bloodbath commence. The semi-truck trailer loads of dead bodies we saw back in April will be nothing compared to what we can really do. 

    Let them die and decrease the surplus population says the anonymous a$$h0le in the stupidest question I've seen. 

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    covid 19 has a 99.96% recovery rate so quit acting like everyone will die if they get it

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