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Will my hair come back after bleaching?

I am considering bleaching my hair. I am considering doing the roots. My hair is naturally brunette, at the moment I have my roots my natural colour and the ends are blonde. I lightened it to add colours before but have never ever went near the roots. I'm just wondering if I go to the roots will it eventually grow out to the natural colour?

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    I do my own hair I ALWAYS use Loreal feria absolute platinum, I don't use any toner and it is a tinge darker then the box shade (the models hair) I don't use any toner, I been using that for about 4 years my hair is natural brunette too. Then to keep it light and bright I use purple shampoo, also deep condition once a month! My hair is honestly to my waist! Silky and thick. Good luck, my mom also uses the same stuff and her hair never got orange or brassy, broke off or came out in chunks!!!

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    Do not do your roots your self, they may turn orange, and if you over lap the bleach too much on previously bleached hair it will break off. Been there done that, I've learned my lesson and I will never bleach my hair again. It takes too much time, maintenance and money. 

    Your hair will grow out to your natural color if you stop bleaching it. You can't change the hair that's under your scalp. 

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    I really hope you’re going to a salon & not doing this yourself. When you bleach the roots of your hair, along with the rest of your hair.. the roots will turn a much much brighter color than the rest of the hair & you will need salon grade toner to get the color even. They don’t sell any good toner that can do that at Sally’s or really any beauty supply store. If you don’t get an extremely good toner your hair will be left two toned.. a much brighter blonde at the roots. 

     Also you really need to know how long to leave the bleach on your scalp for (which only a hairdresser would know best), which can also be difficult because your hair might take a long time to lift color but not only does it burn INSANELY bad when you bleach your roots, if you leave it on too long.. your hair WILL fall out. I’m talking in chunks. So to avoid this problem.. definitely DEFINITELY go to a salon. Trust me! Take it from someone who has bleached her hair at home. Do not lighten your hair at home. EVER. 

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