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Does this mean she fr never gave af & don’t give af about the break up? Why she move on so fast? Read description ?

My girl and I broke up on Monday Nov 23. Look I know I sound selfish now but just wondering. We was together for 1 year and 4 months. I did start falling out of love the last 4 months. She knew it she had a feeling apparently but why keep holding on? She said because she had hope. 

She wrote me a goodbye letter and mailed it to me. Saying she’s sorry for a lot of **** basically blaming herself. Saying she is just going to work on her self love and loving herself. I did cheat on her physically, emotionally. I never told her but she figured it out. Weird. But someone I know said they seen her on tinder. Like she moved on that fast? But the person who told me said he messaged her & ask why she got it. She said “not looking for a relationship currently just got out of one, just here to vibe IG. I lost all my friends cause of my ex so” But it’s like why she trying to numb herself for? I love her but it’s like how can you stop giving a **** so easily. I called her and she got cold hearted and didn’t care. Her tone was like she didn’t want to speak to me. She told me “Ik I said I would always be here but I take that back please don’t contact me thanks” like nothing. She gon act like she ain’t love me none of that. To me it showing me she was ready to get out what you think? 


Rude *** skanky was bitches

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    I tried reading your description, but I don't speak retard.  Are you using a translator or something?

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    Are you in someway mentally impaired? or is English not your first language?  You speak like some kind of trained monkey? It's incoherent drivel, like someone in the grip of drugs, or possibly dropped on their head as a baby?  You really give the impression of being a knuckle grazing, mouth breathing neanderthal, barely evolved, and I realise these are all pretty big words that you have NO chance of understanding, but you are such a moron, I couldn't resist the urge to make fun of you. 

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    She blames herself for the break up as its better than admitting you picked a cheating liar who made a fool of you.

    She ignored the signs as she has no self respect and hoped a magic wand would make everything all rosey without her having to confront the truth your relationship was a sham

    She is on Tinder to have her ego stroked

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    Women take longer to fall in love so usually move on fast, it's likely she just not bright enough to have just walked away from the relationship that wasn't working, men fall in love quicker and so its harder to move on.

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