Stinky exhaust and intermittent stall?

I bought this town car 2005 six months ago and at that codes stored were P0135, P0191 & P0401.

1: Exhaust has been stinky that burns eyes since I bought this car and I replaced plugs last month but nothing changed. Previous plugs were fine too (no oil or carbon fouling on them)

2: Now coming to stalling, in these 6 months only twice it happened that engine started stalling outta nowhere and both times stalling vanished without me doing anything. It feels like engine is starving for fuel. I've also noticed that engine becomes a bit rough when fuel level is low.I reset the ECM few days ago and now P0135, P0401 are still there but P0191 is gone and unfortunately I've got a new code P0193. Not sure which code is related to which issue.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I you are going to attempt to fix it yourself, the first thing to do is inspect all of the wiring. Since you have several seemingly unrelated trouble codes, I would suspect corrosion at a major junction point in the wiring harness. Good luck!

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