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How do I deal with an ingrown toenail?

I have a bump on the corner side of my big toe on the left foot. It looks a bit swollen and only hurts when pressure is applied specifically to it. I’m guessing it’s an ingrown toenail since all the signs point to it and looks exactly like one. But I took a better look at it and I didn’t see any part of the nail digging into the skin, my nail looks normal. I even dug into it a bit and found nothing wrong with it. I also clipped off the side of the nail a bit to be sure. It still looks the same. Will this go away on its own?

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  • 2 months ago

    Best to speak to your doctor, especially if you're unsure. They'll decide what to do from there.

  • 2 months ago

    It sounds like a ingrown toenail from what your saying i would still make an appointment asap with a podiatrist even if u think your nail isn't ingrown i had one that started to swell up cause i thought mabey it would heal itself but it didnt and I had puss coming out it was so swollen it wasn’t fun dont try to clip anything back let the doctor make that decision if they wanna clip the side of your nail

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