Girls be real honest?

Started talking to my ex girlfriend after 2 years. I couldn’t find her online so i text her. We talked all day. She mentioned how her brother died in 2019 and how he used to talk about me a lot ( he suicide and killed his own girlfriend). Also how she has been feeling down and has deleted all social medias and isn't talking to people. Well i then text her for the second time days after we talked and she didn't reply. 

Its now been a month since i last text her and she hasn't tried talking to me.Is she not interested? I get her brother passed away but that was last year. if she wasn’t interested then why did she talk to me all day. This girl was just nuts over me just in 2018 last time we talked

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You're still posting this same story??? How many answers do u need

    No wonder she left u alone

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